george-old-snagitUpon arriving from his motherland of Greece in 1951, George Cortesis set his dreams on owning his own piece of the American Pie in the restaurant business. After operating for about 15 years in a handful of restaurants and cafes in the downtown central business districts, he felt the winds of change occurring. With more neighborhoods popping up, he was ready to relocate west and to a more promising and emerging area in the Cloverdale Hill.

George and his partner, Paul Rogatsios, settled in the newly built Cloverdale Plaza, and in August of 1968 proudly opened the Cloverdale Kitchen Restaurant. A year later, Paul pursued other interests, and Angelo Cortessis and Gus Ballas joined George until 1985, when the restaurant became solely owned by the Cortesis family.

Some of the recipes used today are still the original ones from the downtown era. Some things can stand the test of time, and Cloverdale Kitchen is a testament to its formula of friendly service, quality foods at fair prices for the entire family to enjoy. We invite the 2nd and 3rd generations of customers to come and taste our food again for the the first time.

Today, Cloverdale Kitchen is owned and operated by George’s sons, Johnny and Dino. They both graduated from Reynolds High School in 1978. Johnny went on the Elon College, graduating in 1982. He was in retail management before joining his family. Dino went to NC State and graduated in 1983. He was in medical supply sales before coming on board at Cloverdale Kitchen.

Upon joining their dad in 1985, neither had the slightest bit of restaurant experience. Lots of quality time of learning from their father what makes a great restaurant experience resulted in a continued tradition to this day.