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Basketball teaching video

Teaching video of playing basketball

2022-06-24 11:03Basketball teaching video
Summary: How to make a jump shot in basketballFirst, pull the ball in front of the opponent at a certain distance, then pull a ball in front of the opponent, then pull the ball backward with the backhand, and
How to make a jump shot in basketball
First, pull the ball in front of the opponent at a certain distance, then pull a ball in front of the opponent, then pull the ball backward with the backhand, and then jump back to take the ball, and then make a jump shot (the backward jump has been pulled at a certain distance from the opponent) {this move must be practiced in a consistent way} it can't be prevented:)
Playing basketball needs to practice basic movements, video Basketball Teaching Series (BT download) seed: NBA basketball teaching 32
Video screen of basketball technique teaching The second one is: NBA stars teach you to play basketball. There are teaching videos of center Olajuwon, power forward Leitner, small forward Drexler, point guard Thomas, etc. Download address: In additionBasketball skills and rules
Basketball passing mainly depends on the defender's center of gravity. For example, if the defender's center of gravity hasn't changed, and if the original center of gravity hasn't changed, you should take the ball directly to pass. You must be fast. If the defender runs in front of you a little slower, you can understand the skills of passTeaching video of playing basketballing people by playing oftenBasketball teaching video download
OK. This video is very good. I am watching it myself. Practice slowly. You will grow up and become a superstar! In addition, if you don't like this, you can also search on TuTeaching video of playing basketballdou: Zhang Weiping taught you to play basketball series (that is, CCTV Commentary). I have seen all these, and I think they are very goodIs there a video on the Internet that teaches basketball
Yes, go to Youku to search for many things, such as "wade basketball", "Kobe Bryant disciple" and "Iverson's passing". Try to download the high-definition version, otherwise you won't be able to see it clearly
Learn to play basketball and dribble. Where is video teaching? Ask for help
There are dribble teaTeaching video of playing basketballching in Baidu video. There are many online, but in fact, dribbling is very simple. It's good to find your own dribbling feelingWhere can I download some basketball videos? BT is the best 。Elementary basketball teaching video
Also attached is the BT download address of the complete collection of learning to play basketball. Zhangweiping's basketball video teaching integrates modern basketballTeaching video of playing basketball concepts and scientific and technological training ideas and methods. It is very helpful for teenagers to learn to play basketballBasketball teaching video (full set) should be downloadable and systematic
It is easy to understand and practical. It is also equipped with flash and video. The video teaching of fireline basketball, i.e. learning to play basketball, is directed by Buckingham Shen, liyuanwei and sun Minzhi, vice chairmen of the National Basketball Association, and Liu Yumin and Kuang Lubin
Teaching video of playing basketball

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