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Basketball master teaching don't underestimate dribbling

2022-06-24 07:59Basketball teaching video
Summary: Basketball skillsRecently, I just learned a move from my classmates. It's very accurate to dribble points, take off with your back to the backboard, and turn around to shootI hope all the basketbal
Basketball skills
Recently, I just learned a move from my classmaBasketball master teaching  don't underestimate dribblingtes. It's very accurate to dribble points, take off with your back to the backboard, and turn around to shootI hope all the basketball experts can teach me some moves for the center to play inside!!! Thanks
First of all, don't underestimate the dribble. The center is easy to break the ballAll basketball experts, who can teach me the key pointBasketball master teaching  don't underestimate dribblings of Jordan's shooting action and power
When you just catch the ball, one important detail is to make your right shoulder slightly lower than your left shoulder, as shown in the figure, which is conducive to lifting the ball on your right shoulder. The right shoulder sinks down a little, which is conducive to the upward push of the ball and the vertical lift of the basketball. If you don't sink your right shoulder, it will be difficult to exert your strengthSome skills of playing basketball
How cBasketball master teaching  don't underestimate dribblingan I keep my shooting mentality when playing the game? Now I feel that shooting practice is much better than before, but it is still difficult to maintain the hit rate when someone is oppressed in the game, and even the shooting posture is deformed. In fact, the defender has not contacted me, mainly because of his own psychological factorsHow to become a basketball expert
The importance of Cultivating Basketball Tactical Awareness in middle school training and teaching in recent years, I have made some positive explorations in cultivating middle school students' basketball tactical awareness in teaching and training, and have made some achievements. To sum up, it mainly includes the following points:
Basketball skills (how to play basketball skillfully)
Jump 20 or 30 times a day. With the increase of bouncing, you can improve the mark. Hey, I remember when I practiced jumping in junior high school, so I didn't dare to go down the stairs. Every time I went downstairs, my thighs were sour and bent. However, this also brought me great basketball advantages. I was thin since I was a childWhich basketball expert taught me all the skills of playing basketball
But the ball can not be transported too fast, otherwise it is easy to cause the ball to pass, but no one has! Got stuck by the defender! Throw the ball! A good breakthrough ~ his dribbling skills must be very skilled! His body movements must deceive the defender ~ he must practice basketball like a part of his body ~How to play basketball well
Hope you can become a basketball expert as soon as possible; What is your comment on this answer? Comments put away the Dark Knight 8 October 22, 2011 know the main answer quantity: 6 adoption rate: 0% help people: 7657 I also go to the answer page to visit the personal page to focus on all the practiceWhich basketball expert teaches an effective dribble, which should be practical and not too obvious. It will be cracked at once_ Baidu
Dribbling is one of the important means of individual attack in basketball game. It is not only a way for individuals to get rid of defense and attack, but also a means of organization and cooperation. 1. high dribble high dribble is generally used for fast dribble during travel withoutBasketball master teaching  don't underestimate dribbling defensive obstruction. [action method]: when dribbling, bend your legs slightly and look straightAsk a basketball expert to teach me a practical skill
I'll tell you the most practical - jump!! I am about the same as you, fatter than you. I weigh 195, and my steps are not so flexible. It's not that difficult. In short, it means jumping over when you see someone. And jumping is hard to defend. The following is a detailed explanation,
Basketball master teaching don't underestimate dribbling

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