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Basketball Shooting Teaching

Teaching of turning basketball turning before basketball

2022-06-23 20:11Basketball Shooting Teaching
Summary: Action essentials and key points of basketball forward turn and backward turnYou have to imitate those correct actions to form a habit! Otherwise, it will be troublesome to change your own wrong actio
Action essentials and key points of basketball forward Teaching of turning basketball  turning before basketballturn and backward turn
You have to imitate those correct actions to form a habit! Otherwise, it will be troublesome to change your own wrong actions after they are formed! As for the correct movements, you can find the basketball teaching video on the Internet or watch the posture of other masters when playing! Practice slowly, be patient, and stick to it for sureHow to turn the basketball
First of all, the arm turns the ball. This is the first and easiest. Generally, people turn from right hand to left hand, put the ball on the right hand, and lift the master. Let the ball slide down the arm. At this time, it is mainly to let the chest turn the ball to the left arm, mainly relying on the upper hTeaching of turning basketball  turning before basketballalf of the chest muscle, so that the ball can go smoothlyHow to learn how to turn your fingers to basketball? What's the trick
Many people who play street basketball will turn the basketball with one finger. Today, I want to tell you how I use my fingers to turn the basketball. 1. it is better to find a basketball without enough air, because lack of air can not easily cause hand injury, and the center of gravity of the ball is low, so it is easier to grTeaching of turning basketball  turning before basketballaspHow to spin a basketball
Only in this way can we keep the high rotation speed, and the nail is smoother than the finger, which can make the ball rotate faster. When you catch the ball, you must find the center of gravity so that the ball won't fall off. Rotating basketball is practiced slowly, just like turning a book or pen during recess. Practice makes perfect. Hand feeling and strength are very importantHow to turn basketball with one finger
So the ball won't fall. Normally. 1. The finger is vertical, passing through the center of the ball and turning the ball is the basic action of free style in street ball Free style means fancy basketball moves. There are three kinds of ball rotation: finger ball rotation, wrist ball rotation and chest ball rotation. Finger ball rotation requires the power of the wrist to rotate the ballHow to turn a basketball ball with your fingers
The steps are as follows: prepare a basketball with obvious middle seam rubber (it is too slippery for beginners to learn). Hold the middle seam rubber of the basketball with two hands, and exert force in one direction at the same time, and ensure that the force used is on a horizontal lineHow to make basketball turn on your fingers
Beat the air of basketball to the feet, and trim the fingernails of sharp hands. Find the vertical intersection of the grooves on the basketball. This point is where your fingers touch. If you spin the ball horizontally, it will rotate unevenly, and your fingers will not find a good point of contact. Lift the ball with the fingers of the dominant handThe teaching steps of basketball dribble turn
After the above practice, you should practice changing the ball with both hands, that is, taking the ball back and forth from the right hand to the left hand, and turning the left hand from the back to the right hand. You can also add a turn when you are faTeaching of turning basketball  turning before basketballmiliar with it. Turn around while changing hands. Thank you. This is the basic dribble training. If you practice this well, you can turn around without dropping the ball in the future. It is very simpleHow to turn basketball
When the ball spins in the air, the finger catches the rotating basketball. At the beginning, it is easy to fail. The ball can only be rotated once to land. With continuous repetition, the time can be slowly extended. After finding the center of rotation, you can hold on for more than 10 seconds. After proficiency, you can change hands or fingersHow to turn the ball in Basketball Teaching
1/4 pass the ball in front of the chest. The ball is played in front of the chest. Hold one-third of the tail of the basketball on both sides with both hands open. When passing the ball, push the ball outward with both arms. Pull the ball outward with both hands' palms and fingers. The basketball finally flies out through the pulling force of fingers. 2 /4 long pass, the basketball is on one side of the body, and the hands are open to protect both sides of the ball
Teaching of turning basketball turning before basketball

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