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Basketball Shooting Teaching

Basketball elbow passing teaching

2022-06-23 18:05Basketball Shooting Teaching
Summary: What is the gesture of standard basketball shootingThe standard shooting posture is as follows: first, the preparatory action for shooting should be "three bends, three nines and ten" before sho
What is the gesture of standard basketball shooting
The standard shooting posture is as follows: first, the preparatory action for shooting should be "three bends, three nines and ten" before shooting, that is, bend the elbow, waist and knee. Palm and forearm 90 , forearm and upper arm 90 , upper arm and body 90 . Bending the elbow is to hold the ball with the right hand, bend the elbow naturally, and hold the ball with the left hand on the sideBasketball passing strength training
Passing is a very important thing. At the beginning, you should practice basic chest pass, underground pass and long pass. If you really want to practice well, you must practice every day; When playing the game, the passer must raise his head and not lower his head to dribble. It's better to go to the sideline less. It's better to be at the top of the arc. I'll explain why he can't lower his head to dribbleHidden passing moves in basketball
What are the rules of dribbling, passing and pitching in basketball? Please, everybody thank you
Finally, we should learn to dribble in running without seeking speed and stability. First, we should do these three points. Second, the standard posture is to maintain the correct hand shape. The correct posture is to open the five fingers of the right hand to hold the ball. The palm of the right hand does not touch the ball. The wrist and elbow are respectively 90 degrees to form an irrelevant square. When releasing, the arm naturally pushes forward to pay attention to the wrist shaking and fingersHow to play basketball
Dribbling is very important in basketball training or competition. It allows players to carry the ball forward when they can't pass the ball to their teammates; Move the ball to a more favorable position to pass it to teammates; Or wait for teammates to control the ball when receiving the pass; Dribble to the basket and finish shooting or layupCorrect posture of throwing basketball (Figure)
For example, if the ball touches the hoop, nine may be sucked in by the hoop. On the contrary, if the ball doesn't turn, it often bounces back. I believe most basketball friends have experienced similar situations. Of course, it's not good to spin too fastIs the training of passing important in basketball court? How to train
Execution 1 Player 2 randomly gives player 1 a target with the dominant hand and indicates what pass player 1 should make. 2. player 1 must make a precise pass and hit player 2's hand. 3. the player conducts the training for 1 minute. Teaching point players should look directly at the target with their elbows at the back of the basketball to ensure the accuracy of passingHow to pass basketball
4. After passing the ball, keep your hands straight, palms and thumbs down, and the other four points to the target (B) Technical analysis: 1 Preparatory action: hold the ball with both hands in front of the chest and face the target, with elbows downward, knees slightly flexed, left foot in front, right foot in back, upper body straight, and center of gravity leaning towards the back footCorrect pitching posture of basketball
The preparation posture for shooting is basicallBasketball elbow passing teachingy the same as that for passing the ball with both hands in front of the chest. Before shooting, place the ball in front of the chest and make a visual inspection. Basketball Teaching: it is very important for players to learn the correct shooting posture. This answer was adopted by netizens
Basketball elbow passing teaching

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