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Basketball movement teaching

Basketball English Teaching

2022-06-23 18:05Basketball movement teaching
Summary: How do you say "Basketball" in Englishbasketball。 I. precautions for English listening (1) after receiving the test paper, you should quickly browse the listening part, predict the possible re
How do you say "BasketbBasketball English Teachingall" in English
basketball。 I. precautions for English listening (1) after receiving the test paper, you should quickly browse the listening part, predict the possible recorded content according to the stem and options as soon as possible, and strive to find the difference between the options to improve the accuracy of capturing infBasketball English Teachingormation. (2) The listening test time is preset, usually about 12 minutes. ThereforeHow to say basketball in English
Basketball English is basketball. Basketball, English, originated in Massachusetts, USA, was created by James Naismith on December 21, 1891. It is the core event of the Olympic Games. It is a hand centered physical antagonistic sport. December 21, 1891What are the common spoken English in basketball court
Overtime jump shot Center 7, forward 8, guard 9, air ball 10, put up 1free throw 1
Terms used in explaining basketball matches in English
One of the basic offensive tactics in basketball. An offensive player gives cover to a teammate who holds the ball; set a pick", Then the screen member moves under the basket and calls " roll", Then take a pass from a teammate and shoot without defense. Pick n' Roll is Malone and Stockton's housekeeping skillEnglish basketball terms
Field goal: free throw percentage: free throw: offensive rebound: rebounding: scoring: scoring: Steal: three-point shot percentage: three-point shot percentage: the basic of playing basketball by mistakeTerms in basketball
Have time to play NBA Live series games, 1 preseason game 2. post-season/play-off game 3. center 4. forward 5. guard 6. MVP 7. points 8. court 9. move 10. shoot 1. Preseason 2 Playoff 3 Center 4 Forward 5 Guard 6 MVP 7How to read Basketball English
Basketball English: basketball [&\712; b : skɪ tbɔ: l] 。 Part of speech: nounHow to write Basketball English
The English of basketball is basketball. English [&\39; b &# 720; skɪ tbɔ&# 720; l] The basketball players are working out at the gymHow do you read basketball in English
Basketball: basketball, pronunciation: Basketball English TeachingEnglish [&\39; b &# 720; skɪ tbɔ&# 720; l] U.S. [&\39; b&\230; sk&\618; tb&\596; &\720; l]basketball is an uncountable Basketball English Teachingnoun when it refers to "Basketball" and cannot be preceded by an article; Basketball is a countable nounHow to read Basketball English
Basketball, pronunciation English [&\712; b &# 720; skɪ tbɔ&# 720; l] Hemei [&\712; b&\230; sk&\618; tb&\596; &\720; l]
Basketball English Teaching

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