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Basketball shoulder shaking Teaching

2022-06-23 12:05Basketball movement teaching
Summary: How to shake my shoulders when basketball passes by? My friends will teach meWhen passing, pay attention to the ball and try to control the ball well. After two fake shoulder shaking movements shake t
How to shake my shoulders when basketball passes by? My friends will teach me
When passing, pay attention to the ball and try to control the ball well. After two fake shoulder shaking movements shake their center of gravity, just use a small gap between them to pass through. Pay attention to the center of gravity
What is the key to playing basketball
I think first of all, you should have solid basic skills. The most important thing to play basketball well is basic skills. Why Jordan is the most powerful? It's not just because he has outstanding physical quality. His basic skills are the basis for him to become a myth! To do fake movements and shake your shoulders, you should first squat down and do the movements, that is, lower the center of gravityHow did you shake your shoulders when basketball shook people
Don't worry. Learn to shake your shoulders. Cultivate your sense of the ball first. Of course, the first step is to learn to exchange dribbles between your left and right hands. This is the foundation, especially for weak hand dribbles. When you dribble with your left hand, raise your left shoulder slightly (don't be too high), and then change hands immediatelyHow do you shake your shoulders when playing basketball
What are the skills of basketball shoulder shaking? Some people say that the ball dribbles to the right and swings to the left, but they don't understand. Please give me some advice! This has something to do with personal habits. Those who are used to breaking through on the right like to shake their left shoulder, and then one changes to the past, while the left will be the opposite. Shaking their shoulders is very effective when playing on the backHow do you shake your shoulders when playing basketball
The simplest and most practical is the body front disguise. As long as the speed is fast, the movement is skilled, and the timing is well grasped, it is easy. T-Mac only has two moves in disguise. The body front disguise and the body back disguise are the sameHow do you shake your shoulders in basketball breakthrough
I don't know whether you are talking about shoulder fighting or shoulder shaking with the ball in the face box. If you are playing by yourself, I suggest you take a look at the video of O'Neal and Garnett's back singles. They are all very beautiful shoulder shaking movements! If it is a ball attack, it is generally a one-to-one breakthrough skill of the guardHow do you shake your shoulders playing basketball
Hold the ball. Slant to the defender. If you are stronger than himWhat is the skill of shaking shoulders and passing people in basketball? How to practice well
There arBasketball shoulder shaking Teachinge several key points in this action 1 Start type makes time different 2 Quickly lower the center of gravity and fake to one side 3 Change direction, change hands dribble 4 First of all, [1] hands-on type - making time difference, shaking shoulders and changing direction. Iverson's magic skills. Do you want to know how to practice? This is a hesitant stepWhat is the key to shaking shoulders when basketball passes
In fact, the basic movements are mostly used. The key is that the body must be coordinated and the range must be large. For examplBasketball shoulder shaking Teachinge, Iverson's shoulder shaking movement makes people confusedBasketball shoulder shaking Teaching about his next move in one dribble. The same is true for turning around. The attacker has the initiative. Sudden changes in rhythm will make the defender vulnerableHow do you shake your shoulders in basketball? Explain in detail. Thank you
WhBasketball shoulder shaking Teachingen shaking your shoulders, don't step out of the disguised foot directly, such as changing from left to right. Don't step on the left foot directly. First move the right foot in a small range. When the right foot falls to the ground, there is a small shift in the center of gravity, and then step out the left foot. In this way, a small change in the center of gravity can shake off the coquettish shoulder. It is a perfect shoulder shaking with the action of the head. Shake
Basketball shoulder shaking Teaching

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