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Basketball teaching course detailing the basketball syllabus

2022-06-23 03:06Basketball movement teaching
Summary: Detailed basketball syllabusBasketball syllabus course category: optional course course number: Credit: 2 total class hours: 72 class hours (including 8 theoretical class hours and 64 practical class
Detailed basketball syllabus
Basketball syllabus course category: optional course course number: Credit: 2 total class hours: 72 class hours (including 8 theoretical class hours and 64 practical class hours) applicable Majors: the nature, purpose and task of non physical education courses are taught and operated through the theory and practice of this courseTeaching steps of basketball in small classes in kindergartens
The thinking of Basketball Teaching in kindergarten. Take basketball as the characteristic activity, be familiar with the ball exercises of basketball to guide children's interest and carry out teaching activities. In kindergartens, children are young, and their hand and leg strength are not in place. Therefore, it is difficult to compete in an antagonistic competition, which is based on the children's age and physical movement characteristicsKey points of Basketball Teaching in kindergarten
14. Pass by hitting the ground: stand with your feet back and forth, open your fingers naturally, and hold the upper part of the basBasketball teaching course  detailing the basketball syllabusketball with your palms. When passing the ball, buckle your wrists in front, so that the ball can rotate forward quickly. 15. pass the ball with both hands in front oBasketball teaching course  detailing the basketball syllabusf the chest: stand with both feet back and forth, naturally open the five fingers of both hands, and hold the upper part of the basketball with the palms relative to each other. When passing the ball, the wrists rise to push the ball out quicklyWhat does junior high school basketball teaching include
For basketball in physical education teaching, it is a ball game of collective confrontation. It is characterized by collectivity, antagonism and interest. In addition to the exercise value of general sports, the complex and changeable competition process of basketball can improve the flexibility of the nervous systemWhat are the contents, tasks and requirements of each part of the basketball class
The contents, tasks and requirements of each part of the basketball course are as follows: contents: according to the teaching progress, around the teaching contents and taskBasketball teaching course  detailing the basketball syllabuss of the course, select appropriate contact methods to improve students' skills, tactics and practical combat ability. Requirements: enable students to form, improve and consolidate basketball technical and tactical ability, and develop their physical qualityHow to teach basketball in kindergarten
Let children understand basketball and let them play the role of basketball players (I) let the environment affect children's attitude towards basketball. At the beginning of basketball teaching, a special basketball area can be set up in the class environment, basketball star posters can be posted, and basketball news can be broadcast every week. Children are required to broadcast a news about basketball every week, andHow to set up the teaching content of children's baBasketball teaching course  detailing the basketball syllabussketball
It is a good choice to introduce basketball activities into the organization and construction of various courses in kindergarten. Although children are still developing, they may not fully understand and experience the rules of basketballHow many primary school basketball teaching micro courses will be offered in 2021
In 2021, almost all public primary schools in first tier cities in China will offer micro basketball teaching courses. Basketball is deeply loved by primary and middle school students. At present, micro curriculum teaching has been introduced into basketball teaching. The micro course has recorded small videos and edited wonderful events into videos. Let the children watch after class and have a strong interest. At the same time, a simple basic teaching video is recorded to makeBasketball teaching steps
It's actually easy to learn basketball well. After all, many people like this kind of basketball now. The following will briefly talk about some teaching steps of basketball. Basketball teaching should arrange teaching materials reasonably according to the systematicness of teaching tasks and techniques and tactics. Any technical action or tactical method teachingCurriculum sequence of children's basketball
The teaching content and technical training content of children's basketball: ball feeling (improving the control sensitivity of the hand to the ball by various ways of winding, beating, turning, pulling, etc.); Footwork (close step, chasing and blocking step, combined offensive and defensive footwork); Catch the ball (catch the rebound ball with both hands and the side ball with one hand); Pass (one handed shoulder pass)
Basketball teaching course detailing the basketball syllabus

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