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Basketball backward step teaching can be imitated

2022-06-23 02:49Basketball movement teaching
Summary: Basketball backward step techniqueWell, I think, after playing for a long time, you can imitate it after watching it. That is, you pretend to break forward and the defender naturally retreats. You are
Basketball backward step technique
Well, I think, after playing for a long time, you can imitate it after watching it. That is, you pretend to break forward and the defender naturally retreats. You are ready to take a step back. Of course, you can count on it. You can move it. You can take the next two steps. However, it is simple to say but difficult to do. In addition, the action should be consistent and the shot should be quickHow does basketball do the step back
1. When you control the ball with your right hand, take a big step, put your body on your right side, extend your arm, insert it between yBasketball backward step teaching  can be imitatedour body and the ball, and drop the racket. 2. take a small step when you change your right hand to your left hand, and put your arm right on your ball line, waiting for you to put the ball into his handThe specific actions and essentials of the backward step in basketball
The backward step is a kind of fake action. When you do this action, you must focus on the front foot, and then step back to the front foot and retreat to the pitch. If it is running, the movement is largerBasketball, step back
The backward step can be a continuous step down dribble backward, jump back when dribbling, and turn back to dribble! 1. Cross down: This requires proficiency in various cross down dribbling techniques; Back jump: for example, when you break through to the right front, the other party is defending you according to your rhythm. At this time, you suddenly focus on your left foot and jump back. Turn around: don't know how to turn, where to goHow to step back in basketball defense
The direction of withdrawal should be determined according to the situation of the opponent. Generally, it is controlled at an angle of 45 degrees with the breakthrough route. If the angle is too large, it is easy to cause blocking fouls. If the angle is too small, the opponent cannot be controlled, and the withdrawal slip step becomes a retreat step. The follow-up sliding step should have a fast stepBasketball backward step teaching  can be imitated frequency, and the follow-up step should step on the ground quickly, accompanied by a certain degree of rolling, and it is withdrawingHow do you practice the backward step in basketball
In fact, as long as the retreat step is in place, it is generally difficult for defenders to keep up, because the distance is too large, and the defense is also futile. Practice makes perfect. Basketball is not achieved overnight. It requires repeated practice to mBasketball backward step teaching  can be imitatedaster a skill. Even if the talent like NBA players is against the sky, as long as they lack exerciseHow to shoot backward in basketball
1. In dribble position The ball retreats behind the right hand and left foot, the ball is transported from the left to the right, and then the right foot is moved to the left foot. Hold the ball with both hands, and prepare to shoot 2. Bend down to practice left and right hand dribbling, straighten your arms, and swing with your big arms Only after this practice can you fake the passing method (one step passing method) to shoot the ballHow to learn the backward step of basketball
First of all, go to the video to find Paul Pierce. This is an old hand in backtracking. After more observation, you will find that if you shoot with your right hand, you must dribble with your left hand when you need to step back, and then step out with your right foot to the left (left side) of the defender. At the same time, your body leans forward and pretends to break throughWho can talk about the technical action of basketball backward step
Step back is the most common technical action on the basketball court! First of all: correctly use your body coordination ability to ensure that your actions and consciousness are in place! Second: you must have solid basic skills. You should let the ball and the hand move together, and the feeling of the ball on the hand should be combined with your stepsHow to play basketball backward
Practice method of backward step: in order to increase the stride length of the baBasketball backward step teaching  can be imitatedckward step, the backward step should take the hip joint as the rotation point, make the pelvis rotate laterally around the vertical axis of the hip joint on one side, increase the stride length of the first step, and at the same time, the thigh of the backward step leg should be accompanied by moderate outward rotation on the basis of full abduction
Basketball backward step teaching can be imitated

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