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Basketball movement teaching

Basketball teaching Jordan Jordan shooting leg

2022-06-22 23:07Basketball movement teaching
Summary: What is Jordan's signature move1. Free throw line take-off dunk (Nike Jordan logo) 2 Sticking out your tongue (Kobe used to like to imitate) 3 Backward jump shot (I have killed my opponent several
What is Jordan's signature move
1. Free throw line take-off dunk (Nike Jordan logo) 2 Sticking out your tongue (Kobe used to like to imitate) 3 Backward jump shot (I have kilBasketball teaching Jordan  Jordan shooting legled my opponent several times)
Jordan shooting leg position
The calf drives the lumbar strength to take off, the elbow joBasketball teaching Jordan  Jordan shooting legint rises vertically, and finally the wrist exerts force, and the index finger dials the ball. I have read an intermediate teaching book about basketball, which says that Jordan's backward jump shot and shooting are textbook. The landlord can slow down some video frequencies of JordanJordan basketball teaching full version
Jordan teaches Basketball - Defense 4 http://v.hoopchina 。Why does Jordan say in his basketball tutorial that he should have his feet facing the basket, but when he shoots, he is
It depends on the situation on the court. Sideways can prevent being covered. It's a little backwardHow to use SF's Jordan style spot shot to throw 3 points in street basketball? Please teach me
I will. But I can't use it now. If Jordan throws a goal, you'll get three points, but you'll definitely drop the line. If you don't, you won't drop the line. I'll tell you how to do it. I hope it can be adopted. Don't say you won't accept it because you will drop the lineWhat are some good books on Basketball Teaching
Jordan's basketball secret collection rainbow seven swords and Jordan's basketball secret collection dragon subduing eight palms are Jordan's basketball skills. With illustrations and dialogue with funny characters, they break the original idea of basketball teaching and explain basketball in a new way. I rely on it to play basketball wellJordan basketball teaching complete Chinese version must be Chinese version
Jordan teaches Basketball - Defense 4 http://v.hoopchina 。All basketball experts, who can teach me the key points of Jordan's shooting action and power
When you just catch the ball, one important detail is to make your right shoulder slightly lower than your left shoulder, as shown in the figure, which is conducive to lifting the ball on your right shoulder. The right shoulder sinks down a little, which is conducive to the upward push of the ball and the vertical lift of the basketball. If you don't sink your right shoulder, it will be difficult to exert your strengthJordan's standard shooting posture (with clear picture)
In fact, learning from Jordan's shooting action is not as good as leaBasketball teaching Jordan  Jordan shooting legrning from his shooting consciousness. With a simple jump shot, Jordan can have many ways to shoot, either back or around the baseline, as well as his turn and fake action As for shooting skills, it is suggested to take a look at Mr. zhangweiping's basketball teaching VCD, which is very goodHow does Jordan put his finger when shooting
The five fingers open naturally, the ball touches the fingertips and the edge of the palm, and the palm does not touch the ball. When shooting, the power is transmitted from bottom to top. Finally, the index finger and middle finger pull the ball, so that the arc and rotation are relatively stable. You can search the Internet for BB basketball teaching videBasketball teaching Jordan  Jordan shooting lego. There is a lecture on "shooting tips", which is explained in detail
Basketball teaching Jordan Jordan shooting leg

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