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Basketball fun teaching game time: 19

2022-06-27 22:51Basketball movement teaching
Summary: Interesting games in basketball games7. Additional competition rules: (1) "Basketball Bounce" equipment: basketball, stopwatch, whistle. Personnel: each team will draw 4 people, 2 boys and 2 gir
Interesting games in basketball games
7. Additional competition rules: (1) "Basketball Bounce" equipment: basketball, stopwatch, whistle. Personnel: each team will draw 4 people, 2 boysBasketball fun teaching  game time: 19 and 2 girls, a total of 32 people. 3 timekeepers. Competition time: on the morning of the 19th, during the 15 minute break in the group match, go to the designated place to participate in the competition. Competition rules: ① every four people play in a groupJunior high school basketball teaching plan
4. games. Teaching objective 1. let students consolidate basketball technical movements. 2. cultivate the ability of fast shooting. 3. improve students' physical quality through practice. 4. cultivate good sports spirit. Teacher: dujilei class: Grade 9 (1---
How to cultivate pupils' interest in basketball
In a word, the interest training and teaching training of primary school students' basketball training is a very complex art work. To sum up, tBasketball fun teaching  game time: 19oo procedural and traditional training methods can not give full play to the subjective initiative and learning interest of the small team members. Only through the coaches' common and understandable explanations and simple and practical technical teachingWhat does junior high school basketball teaching include
For basketball in physical education teaching, it is a ball game of collective confrontation. It is characterized by collectivity, antagonism and interest. In addition to the exercise value of general sports, the complex and changeable competition process of basketball can improve the flexibility of the nervous systemTraining methods of children's basketball
Pay attention to flexibility and agilityBasketball fun teaching  game time: 19 to lay a solid foundation for learning basketball skills. Flexibility affects the range and difficulty of basketball technical movements. Agility, especially agility, determines the future of a basketball player. Commonly used flexibility and sensitivity exercises: bend the elbow to touch the back, and bend the elbow handle up and down behind the backI want a teaching plan for the annual activities of the primary school students' basketball interest group
Week 7 basketball activities, general rules of basketball competitions, as well as some of the most common racing and quasi games in basketball activities. The eighth week of physical training, the ninth week of basketball tactical training: two to two, cover, pick and roll, sudden points. In the tenth week, lay up during the March, and pass and receive the ball between two or three peopleChildren's basketball fun games
Activity objectives: 1. Let children promote their body development through basic basketball movements (dribbling, passing, etc.) and basketball competitions. 2. Cultivate children's ability of unity and cooperation. Key points and difficulties: learn how to pass with more than two players. Materials and environment create a basketball for each child. Red, green, yellow and blue team marksHow to improve the interest of primary school students' Basketball Teaching
They can train their basic skills through games. For example, dribbling around obstacles is to train their ability to control the ball. They can train their ball sense, hit rate and passing ability in the same way as passing through customs. Of course, there should also be rewards. Pupils are very satisfied. And a routine cannot be used for too longWhat are the interesting activities of basketball? How to organize those activities
Three men and three women are allowed. Men are not allowed to shoot at the three-point line, but they can rebound. Women can move normally. When the hen moves, the contestant clamps the basketball to the inside of the knee. When the timekeeper whistles, the contestant must transport the basketball from one side of the sideline to the other side by walking, and then transport it back to the starting point after changing peopleHow to teach basketball in primary school physical education
If we teach with various games of basketball in teaching, we can make children master the correct methods of various basketball techniques in game activities, cultivate students' correct sports posture, form good sports habits, develop studenBasketball fun teaching  game time: 19ts' ability, and combine interesting and diverse games
Basketball fun teaching game time: 19

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