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Basketball is excellent

Basketball blocking teaching when others shoot

2022-06-24 22:12Basketball is excellent
Summary: How to get stuck when playing basketball for reboundsUse your strength to push him out and keep him away from the basket When someone shoots, you should open your arms, keep him behind you, and be sur
How to get stuck when playing basketball for rebounds
Use your strength to push him out and keep him away from the basket When someone shoots, you should open your arms, keep him behind you, and be sure to squat down He stuck his lower limbs so that he could not jump Like that kind of person, as long as your defense is oppressive, push him out, you can achieve the effectHow is the correct position in a basketball match
This word is often used in basketball matches. In English, the detent is boxout. Backboard: when the defense side blocks the offensive side from grabbing the backboard under the basket, open your arms, squat your legs, sink your waist, and try your best to block the offensive side behind you. It makes it difficult for the offensive side to take off when grabbing the backboard, and it is easy to cause offensive backboard foulsWho can tell us about the method of center position blocking when playing basketball
This will not happen overnight, but we can pay attention to several aspects: no matter the attack or defense can squeeze the opponent out of the three second zone, it is best. When blocking the position, use your hips to hold the opponent. If you don't catch the ball, block the side to prevent breaking the ball. In the face of a big lack of strength, you can run back to get rid of the opponentHow does the basketball get stuck
Blocking is to use your own body to block the other side behind you in order to get the best position to control the Basketball blocking teaching  when others shootball. As for the essentials of blocking, it varies from person to person, but there are several basic points. First, before the attacker does not take the shot, he must ensure that he is standing between your opponent and the basketHow can I get stuck playing basketball
Use your body to trap someone behind you and put one hand against him! Don't let him come in front of you! You are asking for the ball with the other hand. If the defender sees it, he will give it to you! As a center, your range is within the two-point line! That's where you belong. Because you have to be the last line of defenseBasketball card skills
Skills of center position blocking: one thing is to clearly know the position of your defense team. Generally, the center position blocking requires the ball to push the opponent behind him. However, if inexperienced centers will push the opponent behind him, they will not know whether the opponent is on the left or right behind him. Your opponent will judge where you catch the ballHow to practice basketball position
It seems that you are a little thin, so you are easy to be squeezed out. Basketball is a very positive sport. If you squeeze the players who follow the inside line, he will feel your endless supply. He will be very tired if he wants to keep his pBasketball blocking teaching  when others shootosition. Exception: your height is good, so you can squat deeper, which is convenient for you to exert yourselfHow to get stuck playing basketball
Position 1 to protect the backboard: a simple point is to let the opponent stay away from the basket. Generally, his hands are open, his hips are against the opponent, and let the opponent get the backboard away from the basket. Cover when a teammate breaks into the inner line, the opponent's inner line makes up defense. You go up and block your opponent's inner line to prevent him from interfering with your teammate. So your teammaBasketball blocking teaching  when others shoottes can lay up easilyBasketball positioning skills. Details
Many amateur basketball fans do not know that there is a kind of basketball blocking Defense Technology in basketball defense technology. The English name of this basketball slot is box out, and his defensive skills are on that slot. Although we have many friends in our spare time, we just don't know the name of this defensive technologyHow does the basketball inside line get stuck
The key points of simple basketball blocking techniques are all based on the body as defense. Blocking generally occurs in rebounding and low post attacBasketball blocking teaching  when others shootk. Rebound blocking: This is the action when the defender blocks the attacker from rebounding under the basket. When holding the position, open your arms and squat your legs
Basketball blocking teaching when others shoot

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