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Basketball is excellent

NBA basketball teaching because I started faster

2022-06-24 13:02Basketball is excellent
Summary: Who introduces some practical basketball breakthrough movesIf there is speed, strong spikes outside the 3-point line can go in directly. Sometimes I use this method, because I start faster, and basica
Who introduNBA basketball teaching  because I started fasterces some practical basketball breakthrough moves
If there is speed, strong spikes outside the 3-point line can go in directly. Sometimes I use this method, because I start faster, and basically not many people can keep up. In addition, I like to use the former to turn around and cross NBA basketball teaching  because I started fasterpeople and the latter to dribble the ball behind. The former is to turn back while moving forward. This action should pay attention to protecting the ballHow does nba2kol dribble and turn around? Please tell me more about it
The steps of nba2kol's back dribbling and turning around are as follows: back dribbling: when dribbling, press ←↓→. Back dribble: press →↓← when the balNBA basketball teaching  because I started fasterl is dribbled in the right hand. Turn around to dribble: press and hold w while dribbling. When the ball is on the left hand, press ←↓→Nba2kol how to turn around
The steps of nba2k online turning and passing are as follows: take the right hand holding the ball as an example, shift+ right + up < The purpose is to rush forward >, Then release the shift key and hold down W, and then quickly tap the right, lower and left in turn. If the ball is held by the left hand, tap the direction keys left + lower + right in sequenceNba2k online how to teach novice skills
It is found that there are many such problems recently, and breakthroughs have been made slowly. Let me show you two ways to dribble throughHow the strongest NBA turns around
First of all, there are " on the interface of outside players when attacking; Excellent " Key. This key is very important when performing the human operation. The operation is: hold the ball outside the three-point line, and then use " Excellent " Break through the opponent's defense, and be sure to push the joystick towards the defenseless sideBasketball: what is worshiping Buddha and how to learn well
The technique of worshipping Buddha and passing people has been widely used in basketball courts, especially in street courts. Worshipping Buddha and passing people can be simply understood as false shooting and true outburst, that is, the ball controller pretends to shoot (not shooting or dead ball) by pausing while dribbling
NBA basketball_ How can you cross people in the air
Press the accelerator key twice. If you don't change the key, it is the j key. If you don't believe it, you can try it. If you have physical strength
NBA basketball passing skills
Changing direction dribble: dribble the ball to the other side, control the basketball with your right hand (like hooking the ball with your wrist), push it from your chest to the left, and tilt your upper body to the left to make a breakthrough from the left. If the other side is cheated and the center of gravity shifts to the left, the moment the ball is about to leave your handBasketball changing skills and basic skills
The method is as follows: when your attack NBA basketball teaching  because I started fasterroute is blocked by your opponent, start to pull the ball left and right. You can pull the ball with one hand (left and right dribble), lower your center of gravity, dribble the ball no more than your waist, and suddenly move to the right (left). When you see the opponent moving with you, suddenly move to the left (right), and pass quicklyDetailed explanation of nba2k10 keyboard operation skills (such as various back strokes, breakthrough, fancy dunks)
Otherwise, the basketball is easy to be broken, and the computer has a high IQ.) If you call the empty catch, press and hold the accelerator key to move to the basket and press the decimal point of the backboard key (turn key) keypad at the same time, then your character will automatically catch the ball and dunk or blue. The defender's feint and barefoot saboteurs
NBA basketball teaching because I started faster

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