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Basketball is excellent

Free basketball C teaching other basic skills

2022-06-24 04:06Basketball is excellent
Summary: How does free basketball master C playFirst of all, if there is no detent enhancement, you can only turn with the PF with detent at most 37. After the installation skill, it is 55 or 73. The big C is
How does free basketball master C play
First of all, if there is no detent enhancement, you can only turn with the PF with detent at most 37. After the installation skill, it is 55 or 73. The big C is dominant. The rest are basic skills. If you can't master them, you don't get started
How to play street basketball C
Catch the board and grab the board This is the most basic There are also several ways to grab the board: ① punching the board: the so-called punching the board is to grab the board in the process of punching. The keyword is punching. Many people don't know how to punch. Running for more than two steps is called punching, so they want to punch the boardSome skills of C in street basketball
Reprinted that when you choosFree basketball C teaching  other basic skillse C, you are sure to choose burden. As a C, you should observe more things than the guards and forwards. You should judge the bounce point of the ball at the first time according to the shooting position of your teammates. You should observe the action of everyone entering the three second zone. You should press the W key most of the time from beginning to end. You should bear the responsibility of grabbing or notC practice method of street basketball
There are many aspects to play c well, including momentum and technology. I think momentum is more important and can put pressure on opponents, especially novices. Let him throw RC ball 1 Super long shot hit 2 If you don't hit the board, you will make a sharp deduction or give 3 points to your teammates Continuous cap
Free basketballFree basketball C teaching  other basic skills C how to dunk
First, let's talk about the skill matching of free basketball C. 1. strong blockiFree basketball C teaching  other basic skillsng: it can control the direction of blocking from left to right, and it is a necessary skill to cover side buckles or free layups. 2 Detent. I won't explain this. The basis of the board is the detent. 3. the card is passive: increase the card position speed 4 Divide the ball. If there is no board position or the board is seconds ahead of time, you can score directly
Free basketball C how to add points
Novice c basic teachingFree basketball C how to rebound
First of all, the blocking element must make physical contact with the other party at all times in the 3-second zone. It is not allowed to focus on its own role. It is necessary to pay attention to the shooting of teammates and opponents at all times. For experts, as long as they see the shots, they can basically reduce the landing point of the rebounds to less than 3 pointsVarious operations and skills of street basketball C board
C's task is to get the board Cap cap Organize the attack {that is, consciously pass the ball. And help score against the pick and roll.} From the first one C, who can only rob the board blindly Up to now, consciousness has increased No, it's a board holding machine It is in actual combat and master C {is not board 10+ C
How to learn C in street basketball
In fact, there is no need to distinguish between slots and no slots, just talking about skills that must be learned. First of all, there is nothing to say about face up (wake up Khan upstairs). There is also SS passing to cooperate with teammates, but each position should be installed and skipped. Second, C had better buy a basketFree basketball center C how to defend C defensive position introduction
How can a pointguard be considered a qualified point guard. First of all, his dribbling ability is absolutely indispensable. He must be able to take the ball across the half court without any problemFree basketball C teaching  other basic skills when only one person defends him. Then he has to have good passing ability
Free basketball C teaching other basic skills

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