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Basketball is excellent

Basketball hot teaching cultivate the feeling of basketball

2022-06-23 20:10Basketball is excellent
Summary: Novice basketball teaching videoLink: Extraction code: wt6m novice basketball teaching videoHow to learn basketball from scratchFirst of all, cultivate
Novice basketball teaching video
Link: Extraction code: wt6m novice basketbBasketball hot teaching  cultivate the feeling of basketballall teaching video
How to learn basketball from scratch
First of all, cultivate the feeling of basketball. Shoot the ball first on the court or open space. At this time, pay attention not to use only one hand of your habit. From the beginning, cultivate both hands at the same time, otherwise it will be difficult to change later. Then, on the basis of the above, begin to practice some basic basketball movementsBasketball Teaching: how to practice three-point basketball tutorial
Keep the hit rate at about 70% to warm up, which is a necessary prerequisite for any sport. If you want to improve your shooting feel, you must first warm up your body. Before shooting, you can stretch your body, jump in place, dribble or turn back to run. You can also shoot in the middle to warm up your feel. If you don't have any basketball foundation, thenBasketball pre class warm-up games
Name string game method: the group members foBasketball hot teaching  cultivate the feeling of basketballrm a circle, and randomly nominate one student to introduce his / her company and name. The second student takes turns to introduce himself / herself, but to say: I am * * * behind * * *, and the third student says: I am * * * behind * * * and * * * behind * * *, go down in turnBasketball teaching plan for junior middle school students
Keep an eye on people without changing people, and master how to squeeze through opponents such as piercing and staringBasic training methods of basketball team
(1) Watch the technical and tactical teaching videos, clarify the tactical role and tactical processing of the technology, and enrich the tactical knowledge. For example, watch the video of basic basketball training. (2) Watch the opponent's game, understand the opponent's technical and tactical characteristics, analyze them, and find out how to deal with them. (3) Be good at discovering their own technical and tactical weaknesses and stBasketball hot teaching  cultivate the feeling of basketballart from their ownJunior high school basketball teachingBasketball hot teaching  cultivate the feeling of basketball plan
4. games. Teaching objective 1. let students consolidate basketball technical movements. 2. cultivate the ability of fast shooting. 3. improve students' physical quality through practice. 4. cultivate good sports spirit. Teacher: dujilei class: Grade 9 (1---
Training methods for beginners of basketball
Basketball first practices dribbling, and the dribbling force controls the direction. It is necessary to pay attention to the arm first, then the wrist, and then the fingers. Basically, it is necessary to press the wrist after the arm is completely straightened. Practice more. All technical actions are flexible on the premise of no violation. The level of control can reflect a person's feeling about basketball
Basketball hot teaching cultivate the feeling of basketball

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