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Basketball is excellent

High jumpers play basketball NBA

2022-06-29 03:26Basketball is excellent
Summary: Among basketball players, which players have better jumping abilityWe all agree with the fact that every player who can gain a foothold in the NBA can be compared with an extraordinary person. In addi
Among basketball players, which players have better jumping abilHigh jumpers play basketball NBAity
We all agree with the fact that every player who can gain a foothold in the NBA can be compared with an extraordinary person. In addition to hard training, hard study, coaching staff and luck, NBA players usually have a god-given athletic ability to make them stand outIs the jumping of high jumpers the best NBA player
This is not necessarily true. High jumpers need run-up for high jump, and their vertical vertical jump ability may not be better than NBA playersCan a high jump champion dunk
Besides, I also like watching basketball. I remember that in the 1980s, an American triple jumper wentHigh jumpers play basketball NBA to the NBA to perform. He wore a Washington spark Jersey and his foot just crossed the free throw line. From this point of view, triple jumpers can dunk, so why can't high jumpers? OK, one last exampleWho jumps higher, the high jumper or the Springer in the NBA
Throughout the history of the NBA, Boggs, who was born in Toronto in 1965, is the shortest. His barefoot altitude is 1.60 meters. It's terrible. But this guy has been on the NBA court for many years since he was selected by the Raptors in the 12th place in the first round in 1987. He has always had a place to liveWhy doesn't Kobe go to the high jump and play basketball instead
Kobe Bryant's bounce is not an "amazing" level in the NBA. His excellent comprehensive basketball level is the reason why people remember his name. In addition, high jumpers can participate in several high-level competitions in their life. Even if high jumpers have won five Olympic Championships, which one has higher income than playing as a superstar in the NBAWhat is the jumping level of NBA players in the eyes of high jumpers
The NBA's 100m can run in 11 seconds, the top can run in 10.5, and some first-line 100m athletes can only run in 10 seconds. Wal is fully capable of competing with second-line E-sports athletesDoes the basketball player jump high or does the high jumper jump high
If a basketball player can jump higher than a high jumper, he can also report for the high jump in the Olympic Games. Obviously, high jumpers can jump better. But if it is higher than touch (the main test method of Basketball Bounce).., The high jump is definitely not good. There is no concept of net bounce... So there is no world record for net bounceWho is the player with the highest jumping ability in the NBA
Spard " Webb height: 170 cm vertical bounce: 120 cm run-up touch height: 360 cm. Spardwebber, nicknamed "potato", is an NBA basketball player in the United StHigh jumpers play basketball NBAates. He is short in stature but has strong jumping ability. So far, no one can compare him. He won the championship in the 1986 all star slam dunk contestWho is the highest running and jumping height in the history of the NBA? How about compared with high jumpers
The first floor exaggerates that MJ is strong in physical fitness and basketball IQ. In terms of bouncing, there are many more than him. Jameswhite is a great player. He jumps casually when touching the board. He is on the top edge of the backboard, but he can't compliment his skills. Another legendary ox man has a long historyWho can juHigh jumpers play basketball NBAmp better, NBA players or high jumpers
Of course, they are high jumpers. The main purpose is to jump high. It is not very important for NBA players to jump high, such as curry
High jumpers play basketball NBA

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